The Ebb and Flow Between

Back to the place where a timepiece
Came undone. My own heart falls
On a thin rope. Haunted by a face
That’s never fading from four walls.

Eyes that once rescued me have gone cold,
But I could never blame you. We both told
Pretty lies now drenched in tears. Tried to mold
Something perfect but forgot what we had to hold,
Family, friends, and lovers came. We all sold
Each other out for our own gain. Is it gold
That outshines what we made? Quite bold.

I came here to finally see the truth hidden behind
The lies. Evading the deceit and chasing the wind.

Life to me was never a wild fire
Burning everything in sight.
I saw something much more tame
In the throes of my days. A steady
Flame kindled by the ills and fills
Of life. But around me a forest
Fire had already started consuming
Everything in reach. I couldn’t lift
My eyes up without seeing smoke and ash.
My lungs choked, my eyes sore, and
My body covered by a thick film of soot.
How can I fix what I didn’t cause?

At this single place I cried. My restless mind
Reached a barricade. Lost in the darkest shades
Even on the brightest of days. Summer day serenades
No longer resounding inside. Nothing to find.

I fall to my knees. The redoubt has fallen
Letting in countless armies. A sullen
Moon blesses the fall of another empire.
In my head fire is being set to a lonely pyre.

Counting the falling leaves of the past.
Every second burned in. My heart
Tried its best but lost my intentions.
They were good, I swear,
But an ember glowed beneath it all.
Was it passion or rage? Oh the way
The truth masks itself behind a veil.
Things just fell apart. What more?
The bond had to die from time
Or our own design. The ember
Turned into a flame on dead leaves.
Burn, burn; so we can start anew.

If the flames close in there is no escape.
A blighted tree actually has no escape.

The seeds from before will bring new life.
For now the fire consumes me. At my core
I shattered like a glass window. Brought to a shore
When it is finally over. Do I begin again or use the knife?

We must lay the past to rest
And learn to smile without reason.

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