The Atrocity of Life

Every wish gave to the stars up above
Went into orbit. Satellites using gravity
To stay afloat beyond the clouds. Shove
Our ideals away and alter this disparity,

What is the possibility to rise up from the dirt?
Eyes open, heart beating, and still breathing
In the air. Every choice merging together
Into an abomination, the Atrocity of Life.
All the dice rolls cultivating a glorious seed
Meant to be planted firmly within the dirt.

Here I have been as the gardener of this lost land.
Listening, helping, caring; reaching out my hand.

A wish sent up above returned to my feet
From the force of gravity. Falling like a meteor
I awaited for it right here expecting no detour.
When will it be that we will finally meet?

The wish will never return but I remain
Here upon the Earth like a filthy stain.
Searching for what my heart can gain.

The Atrocity of Life is me. Touching the world
In my own sense of beauty. Every crystalline mirror
Shattered around me in the maze of heart and mind.
All the words you say pierce right through my flesh
When I am being honest. I wished for us to find
Common ground but the truth couldn’t be unwritten
From the scripture we drew upon as little kids.
From that day we knew there could be no returning.

I keep caring for a plot without a seed
Believing a tree might someday sprout.
Idealistically we betrayed what we wrought
Like saints who are sinners in need.

Lay to rest the darkness we hold onto for safety.
When we walk apart there will never be a remedy.

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