Sepulchrum Cogitata

A tombstone in a graveyard
Holds the words of disregard.
The future lays beyond one curtain
That I emerged from just to entertain.
When Death gives his card
Will I be beneath his guard?

This life has been a battlefield.
My friends sunk into the mud
And on my hands is dirt and blood.
All I have is a spade. Digging trenches,
Unmarked graves, for the morbid truth.
Please don’t look down from your dream.

Runaway dreamers who never see
The darkness we wade into. Unknown
Realities touch them, burning down
This ancient sepulcher. Never see.

A dream in a nightmare. Beauty unparalleled
If only we search. This spade unearths felled
Memories forgotten in a distant high. I had told
Them to never fade away for they can’t be killed.

So look at it this way:

I watched the world turn
But then we let it just burn.

The ways we run from the pain defines us
Because it is a choice. Face it or run away,
We are all clinging to tragedies.
They are written in our flesh and hearts
Guiding us from these unending nights.
Time is truly fickle when our hearts
And bodies become medicated by lies.

Walking in an eternal night
But you could make it right.

I don’t ask you to accept but understand this is you.
(Your hardships and mistakes define you.)

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