Don’t Stop, Keep Moving

The push and pull of forces, big and small,
Keep leading my feet through all these days.
Tomorrow remains unclear when I’m in a daze.
I’ll remember your words. “Go where your feet fall.”

Many fears wait behind life’s curtain.
A play unfolding. We are calling for rain
To wash away all of what we entertain.

Walk forward. Someday the lights will fade to dark
Leaving us to wander. I’ll remain here with your mark.

Your words stir within when the defenses
Come tumbling down. Selfishly I cling
Because I was not prepared for life.

I’m walking here amid an unending darkness with much pain.
But I wouldn’t be walking if it wasn’t for your words like rain.

They fall so gently. A beautiful serenity
Resounding from your heart, Soon we depart
Yet the words keep us bound. Where do I start
With admitting that you ARE my eternity?

These words filling my head, light sweet liquor filling your glass;
We dance along to the music of life. Don’t let the chance pass.

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