The Sleeping Singularity

Falling among the stars you drift
Aimlessly. Tear apart matter
And swallow everything nearby.
The cold endless plane of space
Hides more inside you. I race
To create and you let it all die.
But what if I was the true liar?
See the paradigm and let it shift.

Fire spreads across my neurons
With the fury of a hundred Suns.

Sealing the demons in a box. Oh sweet
Pandora, we have lost much on our way
In a celestial journey. Listening to feet
But I’m unable to hear the words you say.

Infinite density. The things we know made
Lies under a different perspective. A grenade
Of sense and rationality tossed among
The works of great scholars. Long
Ago we woke up on this verdant dream
Where we drink from the stream
Of endless knowledge. The darkness we seek
To extinguish with a candle. Are we what you seek?

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