Humanists V. Aristocracy

Society turned into a consummate system to create money and war. We can’t do anything about it just build, destroy, and rebuild endlessly. Humans keep repeating this cycle. The Earth can only handle so much until we have another Black Death incident. But medically we’ll quarantine or cure it before too many die.

Is 8 billion humans supportable by the Earth? It should be. There’s more of a problem in our overproduction that exists due to economy. I may sound radical with what I’m about to say but the global civilization we have now will eventually overthrow the social hierarchy. And that’s what I spend my life in support of. If humanity mostly did away with monarchy I believe we can dismantle the aristocracy too.

That’s why I’m furthering my education, a game of chess against the aristocracy. The only thing is the pieces are humans and they have their own minds. An aristocracy rarely ever gives a reason to be dismissed under normal circumstances. The only counter to that is a better system which requires more than me.

I’ll never be the one who takes down the aristocracy but I’m going to douse gasoline onto this already burning fire. My morals are better than most though. That’s why my major plan is to remind the human race we are more than consumers and we have a kindness that far surpasses the manufactured hatred used by the extremely wealthy.

“Love, truth, and honor; the members of MAJI will forever uphold these principles no matter what.” ~ The Humanist Group MAJI


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