The Fallen (Found but Lost)

Walking through the darkness never seen
By the masses. This Valley of Death between
What we know and what we never ever will.
We aren’t clairvoyant or eternal yet hearts fill.

Hearts fill with what we give and take. The ebb
Of a river that we can’t control yet we strive
For the best. In the undertow we won’t drown.

Are we dead before the final breath or the first?
Such thoughts plague my mind as I ball my fist
And bite my tongue. The truth I can’t ever resist.

This undeserving heart witnessed a light that never fades
No matter how many years pass on by. I will remember it.

A dark night where the stars shine through a small forest
Above a little campfire. A day my heart could finally rest.

Since that day I’ve been oh so restless thinking about my worth
In this big world. Am I living on borrowed time and wasting it all
On nothing important? I hate this feeling! I could do more but I fall
Every single time I try my best. I will rise up again to find my worth.

Lost in the World by axcy

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