The Harbingers of the End

They were once best friends. Pride and greed
Warped their hearts. So everyone take heed:

The desire to reach what we don’t need hurts
In the end when we betray a friend. We can
Walk forward together instead of racing.
A race towards death? Nobody wants that.

In a world where the subconscious can change
Reality they get what’s coming. Their grudge
Led to their deaths but they won’t rest. Rage.

They chase after positions of power in a reborn world.
Leading armies of the dead, searching for a champion,
And laughing at the pain of others. The good won’t stand
By while darkness marches on. These actions started a war.

So if you only see your desires know that you’ll fall all alone,
Instead of meeting that end stand up with me. We are one.

We can’t turn our backs on each other without ending up alone in the end.

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