Learning to Relax

A grand circus, the dark home of the Liar King,
Thriving like a parasite on the last lights of Eden.
The jesters dancing around primordial flames
But in their eyes is death. And he who tames
Lions has no control over their hunger. Laden
Truth with frightful joys and let humanity sing.

Lights shining on the horizon of the night sky
Tempting pure hearts that have been wading in sludge.
With rain the blood and lust overflow from cisterns
Into the wound of existence, infection of innocence.

Would you run to safety if only you could?

Fleeing into the brier coffin of tears never shed
By men too dark to be saved. The flood erased
Much of what couldn’t grow in the Sun. Were you led
Towards the light or a lie deep inside your head?

If we’d question the truth we’ll find cracks.
Observation and salvation, a petri dish
Growing a colony of lies. Still we wish
To be worthy. How rusted are these tracks?

Continually dragging corpses across the border
Between right and wrong as we try to find order.

I can’t say I really care about that balance.
It’s hard to dream when we can’t ever agree
On what it means to be alive. Does a tree
Forsake itself for growing? Cast a glance:

The Earth is slowly revolving
And on it life remains evolving.

Narcistheism: The Antithesis of Compassion

A torn, dead parasol caught in callous winds
Without escape. A terrible event this reminds.

Achilles, warrior of the Iliad, with a heart
Swelling with grief fell from the grace
Of his old ways. Around Troy trace
The lust of revenge, vengeance, to start.

Chasing understanding in a war torn reality
Keeps us from living. Fear of brutality
Leaves a chink in our armor strong.
I know it wasn’t a matter of right or wrong.
First to violence survives in the end
But there’s no life to live in pretend.

Did either Achilles or Hector survive?
Walking separate paths to a funeral blaze,
Stuck behind the jaws of Cerberus forever.
What did it prove?

Today we sit on Mt. Olympus
Casting judgment from thrones.
A shifted paradigm of the opus
Called Humanity. The divines
Who never see thorns on roses.

We still have miles to crawl on uneven cobblestones.
The path is uncertain; will we see before we turn to bones?

Relativity of the Endless Sea

Swirling miasma settles down. The heaviness
Of polluted air clinging to biological receptors
And poisoning cells. Natural and artificial vectors
Forming strings of data open for human analysis.

Lines open for division; the way forward
Mapped out in detonating constellations
To guide everything towards the end.
Searching for angels Heaven sent
But only finding people here.
Inertia runs out and expansion ends,
The story comes to its ending.
A Universe given set
Time must

We mend the threads of an imperfect reality
Because life never lasts for an eternity.

Or maybe that is just what we want to tell
Ourselves. The endless ocean of space
Full of the unknown, beasts that have fell
From our understanding for now. A race
To finally drink from the primordial well.

The gift to explore a biological library.
What could life be if lead by a visionary
Who sees the potential not the diversionary?

The Rose of Eternal Night

The dependency of insanity turns the flower
Once red like the cheeks of a lover to black.
Every sense detonates internally. Hack
N’ slash the lines that have turned ever so sour.

Resting above the world in a smoke trail
Choking on the same old sentiments. I fail
To recognize what has changed. There is a nail
Missing from the coffin of a living man. Sail
Far away from a dystopia built from tears and blood.
The dams have shattered. We await the sickly flood
Of our lies to erase everything. When there is food
Thrown away from starving men is there any good?

The black rose grows where my heart should be.
Today I realize the decay and set off upon the sea.

Will I find a way to reverse this disease?
Across the unknown there is a chance
That a new beginning awaits like open arms.
And so I gamble what remains of me to see.

Turn the darkness back. It stays around me like the night
But I still believe that the Sun will rise. Until then I’ll fight.

Of These Passing Stars; Part VI

“The experiments conclude that there is no easy way to balance the two energies within you. We really should find an alchemist with the knowledge about the Marks of the Forsaken Brothers. More specifically we are after disciples of Pan and Karthentrex. The intelligence branch sent me details on a lead north of Dragacia. Do you have anything left to do in the capital?” the doctor taps his foot and anxiously glances at the door.

“One thing. This needs to be off the records though. My sources spotted Ariex, my brother, and arranged a meeting. He worked with alchemists of the sect we need. If you want I can go by myself.”

“No. My duty is to watch you . Even if we raided a garrison I’d have to be your accomplice because the High General hates loose ends. Screw him but I have my orders.”

“Damn. I’ll be ready in a second Raejak just get the one device I’ve seen you used to sneak out.”

“I know not what you speak about Synji. I’m a good medical doctor of the Royal Protectorate who respects the Mist Ban.”
“And we totally aren’t the only regiment who uses Mist Alchemists. The taboo is stupid and everyone knows that. Society uses the alchemists unjustly to hide the true issues we face. My brother left the Royal Protectorate for that reason. I envy his strength for walking away from what’s wrong.”

Raejak tosses his arms up then walks into the other room. A few books fall to the ground. He curses the realm of physics for scheming against him since the day he learned about the Mists. He tosses a little metal orb with engravings all over its surface. I glance at the surface and realize there is a map of the capital on it.

“Synji where do we need to head? Also grab my shirt because I don’t think you’ll want to walk there.”

“District Nine.”

He turns the orb until he finds the place. A ray of light emerges from a hole and touches Raejak’s eye. The light thickens up until his eye can’t be seen. Suddenly light rays shoot off from the first one then crisscrosses around Raejak and me. I get all dizzy but hold tightly to Raejak’s sleeve like an anchor.

We appear in a filling bathtub with two naked men in it. Me and Raejak stare at each other for a few seconds. One of the men gets all angry while the other hides his junk with his hand. We start laughing uncontrollably. The angry man punches Raejak in the face making him fall out of the tub.

I get out and grab Raejak by the leg then pull him to the door. The two men keep watching us. We both put our index fingers over our mouths and shush them. When we get out of their house we begin laughing again. Strangers give us mean glances. Raejak finally stands up and I pat his back.

“The town never changes. We get looked at like some disreputable vagabonds. Decades of isolationism but society is the same. It is a wondrous quandary!” exclaims Raejak.

“Raejak, shut up. These people have been controlled by things they barely question. We have competitive sports, competitive politics, competitive jobs, competitive beliefs, and competitive everything. They wouldn’t realize equality and respect if they slapped them in the face.” I grab a cigarette and light it.

“What’s your proof?”

“Look over there. A crime scene where someone got shot. There is an angry crowd standing over there blaming injustice. It isn’t that and they should know that. History says there was a time when people didn’t even have to mass together to express how they felt. We have lived in the same world for centuries. They have much to be happy about but no they all want to extrapolate the situation for their egos. Kind of tragic if you ask me.” I puff out a cloud of smoke.

“You have a point. I just wonder how others see it. Do they truly believe they’re right or were they never taught to think? Education is the first step towards leading a better life. The education system keeps getting worse. Less free thinking and more memorization. All the schools do is perpetuate the problems. Some good teachers still try but the majority just do what they’re told. When in war for us soldiers we must follow our general’s orders no matter what. If we don’t we are labeled deserters. And if we follow the orders and it creates a travesty we’re labeled tyrants. Both things are wrong but society gets to dictate what’s right or wrong.”

“People need to just walk away. Follow your heart and if you’re wrong accept it then move on. And if it gets too hard take a nap. Everything will be better when you awake.”

“I’m not sure laziness is what we need.”

“Would you rather be a lazy bum or someone who only does what he is told?”

“Valid point King of Sloth. Well go find your brother I’m going to drink this bottle of wine and take a nap. Use the code phrase to wake me up.”

“What code!?!”

“The High General’s wife is a slut.”

“Really? That’s the code? Fine! Just don’t go into the brothel because I’m not pulling you out of that diseased cesspool.”

“Probably was caused by the High General’s wife.”

“You don’t like him do you?”

“Fuck you. Go talk to Ariex and remember the code. It’ll save your life.”


The Sleeping Singularity

Falling among the stars you drift
Aimlessly. Tear apart matter
And swallow everything nearby.
The cold endless plane of space
Hides more inside you. I race
To create and you let it all die.
But what if I was the true liar?
See the paradigm and let it shift.

Fire spreads across my neurons
With the fury of a hundred Suns.

Sealing the demons in a box. Oh sweet
Pandora, we have lost much on our way
In a celestial journey. Listening to feet
But I’m unable to hear the words you say.

Infinite density. The things we know made
Lies under a different perspective. A grenade
Of sense and rationality tossed among
The works of great scholars. Long
Ago we woke up on this verdant dream
Where we drink from the stream
Of endless knowledge. The darkness we seek
To extinguish with a candle. Are we what you seek?