Formal Apology

I stopped writing on the blog a little more than a month ago because of my novel I’m working on. When I started this I thought about my blog and the people who enjoyed reading my posts. I’m sorry for not explaining this sooner: I will continue with the blog later in February. I’ll leave this with a little map of progress and a little bit of writing from the novel —

  • January 1st -> February 15th – Novel Writing + Editing
  • February 16th -> February 20th – Poetry Book
  • February 21st -> ??? – Blog Focus (Once my novel is done I might start up a little.)

“I grabbed my arm. The warmth from earlier remained. I squeezed even harder out of hatred towards the horror held inside of a single memory. Suddenly I relived the entire accident. I closed my eyes but the scene played even with them shut. Escape from this nightmare eluded me at every turn.”

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