To Speak

Oh sweet endarkened eyes
That entangle me among my thoughts,
How can we ever see new skies
In a world often consumed by lies and fights?

Judgement flows from their minds
Casting us down with the dull, resonating
Sound of a gavel. Placed in their binds
I see them around me often impersonating
Someone they can’t be. Do I dare
speak? Some place inside of me I care
About them. My heart has a tear
Running down itself from what I fear.

They fall to their devices and fade away.
In this time I listen for the words they say.

Others told me to let them be free
But my heart says otherwise. A tree
Left to grow on its own won’t see
Those nearby. We crave the light, our key.

Take the world and turn it into a machine
Pumping into us the oil of our desires,
Thick and dark. Step back, look at the world
As a stage for a play that we live.
Every twist in this existential play
Leads us towards a long needed aside. But what if
We could always speak against the scene?
A tragedy, a comedy; a life spent spectating
From the outside when on the inside.

Find the strength inside to speak
Even when nobody else listens.
I know I still have a million questions
But I must walk forward and;bdry

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