The Birth of a Dream and a Belief

I awoke from darkness with new eyes
That always question what I see.
Days went on by, I learned that the key
Of life is in direction. What about lies?

They are constructed from truth
And people rarely see their worth.

Everyone relies on a lie once in a while.
Life gets hard and we break inside;
This is the Shattered Dawn.

I tried to find a lie to rest upon
But the world bound me to the truth.
Everyone danced in the cold night
As my eyes searched the streets
For a sign among these artificial lights.
I need to know what’s actually right
In this fairytale of a wolf’s tooth.
Give into hunger or lose the tension.

I survived without making a choice.
And I reached towards the sky in a joyous
Refrain. I had met myself face to face.

But wait! This wasn’t meant to last when
My friends came to say dreams are dead.
This rage grew in my gut, covered me in red,
Silenced my tongue, and left me alone again.

Everything I knew and cared about rejected.
The tears that never fell made scars on my heart
That will never ever heal. Why did we fall?

A world that was too real and unable to feel.
Why should that be? I found it in me to reel
Back and say no. The words I say with tears streaming:
No, there is nothing wrong in dreaming.

Then I heard hatred spoke against beliefs.
They blamed it for the terrible events
Orchestrated in a desert they never entered.
We called them monsters but these forms we all share.

So I folded inward with downward eyes.
Nobody wants the truth when it stings
But somehow the truth is all my heart sings.
Something had to be done in sake of our ties.

I dreamed of a place where thoughts reside.
These emotions and dreams replicated;
Our humanity preserved. I’m transfixed
On this idea where it no longer matters the side.

This dream is a belief that we can all find peace.
No matter your choices you will find your place.


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