Fall from Hubris

When the Saints are forgotten
And all that remains is each other
Hold onto what won’t be fading
Away. Find something worth saving.

A curse desecrated this land
Long ago when mankind fell.
Fallen to give new life and tell
Of a new race on primordial sand.

Evolution pushed existence to the ledge.
People knew they were weak
But they always stayed in this war.
Hope fades to be reborn
Like a phoenix resting in the stars.
Is it to say goodbye or hello?
Remind us why we stand here
When our blood runs from wounds.
“Staunch the flow, save me now!”
Begging for life on our backs
‘Cus this life is all we know.
I’m returning to the fray.

And we know the day we can rest again
Will be a future found in the falling rain.

When you fall just get back
On your feet. Is this the human creed?
“Don’t give up!” We made our sins
But when can we make amends?
It might as well be today.

The days of building walls around sin
Have come to their end. If we will win
Say farewell to what we have made.
Pull out the pin and toss the grenade.

Our cities stretching to the Sun
Wade in a darkness. Men have lost
Their way and fight for mere fun.
We may gain a lot but at what cost?

What cost? Please ask yourself. What cost?
Some day all of this might be counted as lost.

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